The Intellectual Information System DAR

DAR is a complex of software packages, based on innovative web-solutions, intended for the effective resources management of various establishments.

“DAR” (ДАР) State software registration sertificate No2018662008, dated 25 September, 2018

Effective solutions for dynamic companies

DAR system was developed to be an alternative to cumbersome and expensive general purpose systems, which require significant hardware resources and efforts to maintain and support them. In contrast to those systems, DAR possesses unsurpassed compactness and modest hardware requirements, that allows to achieve high performance under high load on low-grade hardware.

Russian offices

of foreign companies


retail and




small and
middle scale


of international trade

The software products we create are, essentially, highly developed Web-solutions. For their frontend programming we use the latest standards of HTML5, CSS3, Java Script with all the necessary extansions such as hardware accelerated graphics in browsers.

At the other hand – for the server backend we use a wide variety of programming languages compatable with the CGI protocol. The choice is made individually for every case depending on the problems solved and desired priorities. For example, for the best portability with absolutely no requirements for fine tuning we would use the industry standard programming language – Perl. For the best performance, however, the C programming language with host operating system compatible compiler would certainly be used.

Deep separation of server and client subsystems allows to develop and maintain them independently. For example, the user interface can be reworked radically or several interfaces could be implemented without the necessity to disrupt the data management system. Similarly, the server subsystem can be extended, tuned or even reworked without any disruption to the client subsystem.

And the last but not least is the fact that we fully implement virtually all the necessary software features ourselves, which allows us to build a software system, that suits the individual customers demands the best in every situation.

In fact, the server subsystem is a complex of independent software elements, each of which can be developed using its own programming language or extended and redesigned independently. Such flexibility allows to continuously improve, extend and further develop the system, implementing the new features without any downtime at all.

System components and the problems solved





Personnel management


  1. Creation of web sites
    • – online retail sales (desktop version)
    • – online retail sales (mobile version)
    • - wholesale and corporate sales. Corpopate pertners interaction including guest and individual (with authentification) access; individual favorite goods list; electronic (fully or partially) document flow including agreements, sertificates, primary documentation, etc. varying access levels for the partner representatives
  2. Web sites for regional operators
    • A regional operator sells the goods exclusively via the presented web site. At the same time, each regional partner is a buyer itself and the interaction with it is made via the web site as well
  3. Sales department management
    • optimization of sales drawing up
    • salesman assessment based on individual effectiveness factors
    • personnel motivation, experience build up and exchange, results analysis
    • planning of negotiations, travels; their results accounting and perspective planning
    • personnel training including webinars, employee individual psychological special aspects testing, etc.
  4. Pricing management
    • retail prices control over the whole Russia; uniform pricing principles for distributors
  5. Quality control
    • unitray complains management system allows for quick and effective complains resolution


For those goals sake we have developed the data management system with instant data field access using highly effective file system access of the hosting operating system. General, multilevel and highly abstract data field identification system dramatically decreases the real search necessity, which allows almost instant addressing of the required data field.

  1. Goods databases - uniform commodity classification for all the intellectual system components including web-nodes and connected data management systems
  2. Contacts database - centralized database including regional distributors with individual work conditions, end consumers, etc.
  3. Sales statistics - special purpose database with multilevel information access. It is used when sales planning at regions, groups, etc. as well as for storage management, for finding the growth points etc.


  1. Warehouse: real time control over goods availability at central and remote warehouses. Goods receipt accounting, as well as accounting of clear balance at the distribution center and regional warehouses with account to the reserved positions
  2. Effective storage management: optimization of funds invested in stored goods based on the stock turnover with the purpose of sales maximization
  3. Producing shipment plans


  1. provides management control system including PNL and others
  2. income planning and control automatization
  3. strategic planning: multifactor forecasting of sales and orders

Personnel Management

  1. work time recording sheet
  2. payment calculation based on sales performance
  3. internal document flow (orders, letters, instructions etc.) with status control

DAR offers

safe data storage including but not limited to a separate file server with a possibility of seamless increasing its capacity as necessary;

professional data processing including, but not limited to the deep analysis and preparation to presentation to the legitimate consumers;

presentation of the processed and prepared datra to the legitimate consumers;

a unique data transfer system including transfer from remote locations with multilevel encryption with own methods and own SSL sertificates.

DAR - unique sofware solutions

• 100% own design and implementation of all systems and components and thus comlete independence of third parties;

• own database architecture (family of the databases) with file-address system, which does not requre searches in majority of situations;

• own system of automatic data synchronization (prices, goods availability etc.) with external data management systems (such as 1C or SAP);

• own system of automatic queries with a possibility of synchronization with external data management systems (1C, SAP etc.) as well as automatic customer notification unit;

• system of automatic document flow between the customer account and an externat data management system (1C, SAP etc.);

• the unique tool "Orders Monitor", which provides real time control over the data and document flow between the web-system, external data management system (1C, SAP etc.) and an external or own logistics management system;

• possibility of automatic current data export to various online systems.

“DAR” (ДАР) State software registration sertificate No2018662008, dated 25 September, 2018

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